Don’t use a common vacuum cleaner to clean your mattresses because room contamination will be further increased, due to the lack of special filters and flickering techniques that are being applied by a special cleaner used for this reason.

  • It’s not advised to use a steam cleaner, because it only works on the surfaces, and the increasingly hot environment that is being created by its use, along with the humidity it provides, will offer the ideal conditions for mite and mildew to grow further. Steam will not help- on the contrary it will wear down and encumber textile surfaces like mattresses, pillows, living rooms, etc., due to high temperatures that are being applied. On the other hand though, it can prove very useful for cleaning hard and smooth surfaces, completely removing bacteria, organisms, etc.
  • Don’t use water or chemical cleaners to remove stains as they wear down textile surfaces even further. Mattresses, as mentioned on labels placed on them, should not be wet with water, but even if u do wash it, the problem still remains because it would be like washing your clothes but never taking a shower yourself.
  • It’s not advised to cover mattresses with nylon or plastic covers, because warmth and extended humidity will provide the ideal conditions for mite and mildew growth.

*The biggest and most trustworthy mattress manufacturers around the world are warning customers that warranties will not cover detriment being caused by wrongdoings of the buyer, such as:

– folding –moisturizing –organic stains (sweat, blood, bodily fluids)