bio-clean - Cafeterias – Mass Catering Places

Cafeterias – Mass Catering Places

We are in position to offer ecological cleaning on carpets, sofas and seats with ecofriendly cleaning and caring (micro-splitting) methods even in mass catering places and cafeterias. Innovative technology with ecological cleaners able to eliminate stains, even bacteria and odors, offering absolute safety.

Cleaned surfaces are preserved in excellent condition for a long period of time because they are not altered by temperature and caustic residues that are left behind by different types of cleaning.

Very satisfying results, with total success in dealing with chronic stains, hard to remove dirt and bacteria on all textile and leather surfaces. Special cleaning and treatment on all leather surfaces and qualities. After the end of cleaning process we apply a special renewal ointment on all leather surfaces that offers longer life span and endurance. Totally clean, healthy and dry results in no time, without any residuals of soaps, cleaners even from previous cleanings.

After the end of our services, we provide you with a bilingual service certification.

Extra services:

  • Dry cleaning
  • Deodorising
  • Water-resistant
  • Nanotechnology protection
  • Protection