bio-clean- office-cleaning


We offer ecological bio-cleaning on carpets, sofas and office chairs using the best micro-splitting methods and caring.

Worldwide innovation in cleaning industry. Able to disintegrate dirt particles up to 5.000.000 times, while at the same time, being friendly toward people and environment, since it contains no cleaners, soaps, cleaning shampoos, active foams, steam, enzymes, bleachers or other whitening substances except for ecofriendly cleaning products.

This specific method of bio-cleaning keeps surfaces in excellent condition for a longer period of time because they are not altered by temperature and caustic residues that are left behind by different types of cleaning.

Perfect cleaning results with long lasting effects, since dust and dirt are no longer able to attach on clean surfaces due to complete removal of residuals, even from previous cleanings.

Friendly toward environment, assuring 90% reduction of water and energy wasting, contributing in proper usage and management of wastes.

After the end of cleaning process we apply a special renewal ointment on all leather surfaces that offers longer life span and endurance.

After the end of our services, we provide you with a bilingual service certification.

Extra services:

  • Dry cleaning
  • Deodorising
  • Water-resistant
  • Nanotechnology protection
  • Protection