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Due to the fact that camping brings us in direct contact to nature, mattresses affected by organisms, mites’ emissions, fungus spores, stains, dead cells, bacteria, etc., in a higher degree. All of this biomass can sometimes cause serious health problems to allergic campers, even to those who had no allergic issues before.

Upgrade the quality of staying and hospitality toward campers, by regularly maintaining your mattresses and thus keeping them clean and healthy. Benefit from the direct results, expanding the life span of your mattresses and offering a high-quality and healthy staying to your campers.

All of our cleaning and protection products are skin tested and certified, even to direct contact with babies and toddlers.

ΒΙOclean is the best option when it comes to correct ecological, bio-cleaning of mattresses and pillows with long-lasting antiallergic protection.

* On mattresses cumbered with insistent stains and mildew we provide cleaning with specialized machinery and eco-friendly micro-splitting cleaning products, skin tested, without chemicals, soaps, etc., causing no damage to the mattress. Excellent results, removing odors, organisms and allergenic substances.

For clean and healthy mattresses, you need a certified ecological cleaning service, at least once a year


Extra services:

  • Dry cleaning
  • Deodorising
  • Protection